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Free Brake Pads /w Brake Repair & 4 Tires @ Cherry Valley IL Store

Brakes and tires often occur at the same time so we will give free pads when both are done together.  Just call for more information and get ready for spring and “beat the rush.”  Time is money and now you can save even more. 

Brake Repair in the Cherry Valley IL Area

Get written quotes for the fastest and best Brake Repair in Cherry Valley IL 24/7 online. Then schedule online to let our friendly and knowledgeable ASE certified technicians inspect and repair the brakes on your car or truck to get you on the road in no time. Lifetime warranty and we take all major credit cards and have financing available with up to 1 year interest-free. We are a local family-owned and operated business and provide high-quality auto repair services at a fair price. 

Brake Inspection in Cherry Valley IL

We offer free brake inspections for trucks and cars as part of our normal maintenance program with oil changes or special brake inspections when you request it. Rotors, pads, caliper’s, lines, master cylinder, and fluid levels are checked.  During your inspection, our technicians will measure rotor, pad, and drum wear, in addition to checking the health of your parking brake and brake fluid. We'll then discuss any services with you, like brake pad replacement, rotor and drum resurfacing, brake fluid change, or replacement of brake lines. Whether you need fresh fluid or new hoses, you’ll find that we’re the best choice for brakes on a budget.

What are the Signs of Brake Problems?

Neglecting brake repairs is a one-way route to risk.  Listen and look for clues. Sensations, sounds, and scents can all mean you've got brake problems.  Squeaky or squealing coming from wheels is the most common signal.  Most brake pads have metal pieces called “squealers” meant to squeal when brake have worn too far.   Other signals are spongy brakes and decreased stopping power.  Decreased can mean the pedal just going to the floor when a brake line pops or has lost fluid.  That can happen more often that most people think that have older cars.  That is why regular auto maintenance is so important vehicles.

F&F Tire World

While F&F Tire World & Auto Service specialize in tires for cars and light trucks we provide a full range of maintenance and auto repair including alignments, alternator repairs, brake repairs, cv joints, mufflers, and oil changes to name a few. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment. Check out our coupons and rebates to help save money! We take all major credit cards and have special financing for larger projects.

We have served Illinois and Wisconsin since 1971 with 11 locations offering quality at reasonable prices. We are a locally owned and operated family business. Our experienced ASE auto mechanics provide foreign and domestic repairs and maintenance for both cars and light trucks and receive regular ongoing training. If you're an experienced auto mechanic we're looking for you.

We also offer maintenance services for farms and fleets in the area to provide the level you expect and more! Just give us a call for more information and fast appointments.

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