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Alternator Repair in Belvidere IL

For Alternator Repair in Belvidere IL drivers have depended on F&F Tire World since 1970.  We proudly display their reviews because what they say means more than anything we might.  We offer online written quotes even before you schedule the work with us.  Some use them as a second opinion.  You can also schedule your appointment online

Alternator Repair Cost

The average cost of an alternator repair is $400 to $500. Alternator repair cost depend on the size of the alternator to be replaced and the difficulty accessing.  Each vehicle has a specific size alternator needed to adequately operate that vehicle most auto supply stores carry a vast supply of alternators however occasionally unusual alternators must be ordered. Accessing the alternator can sometime necessitate lifting the engine off the motor mounts to get to the alternator. This can increase the cost of an alternator repair.  Click here to get an exact quote for the replacement of your alternator.

Free Alternator Test

Alternators generate the electrical power it necessary to operate your vehicles electrical system.  Recharging the battery or powering the headlights only happens when the alternator is functioning properly.  Dimming lights or a weak a battery may indicate a failing alternator.  These are the two most noted symptoms of a failing alternator.  We offer free alternator tests to ensure the correct problem is being addressed.  Don’t replace that better a without testing the alternator first.

Free Battery Test

The battery stores the electrical energy from the alternator to start the car and help provide a consistent electrical supply when the engine is at idle. Batteries wear out but often that seems the problem when actually be alternator is not delivering enough recharging energy. Many problems can make it seem like you have a bad battery such as loose connections and of course the alternator failing. We offer free battery test and free alternator tests to ensure the correct problem is being addressed. Our ASE trained and certified technicians are friendly and have the testing equipment necessary to quickly isolate the problem.


Starters use the electrical energy generated by the alternator and stored in the battery to mechanically start the engine. While starters fail a number of other potential problems need to be examined before replacing the starter. Solenoids, fuses, ignition switch, relays and battery all need to be tested. Again, our ASE trained and certified technicians are friendly and have the testing equipment necessary to quickly isolate the problem.                                                                                          

F&F Tire World

While F&F Tire World & Auto Service specialize in tires for cars and light trucks we provide a full range of maintenance and auto repair including alignments, alternator repairs, brake repairs, cv joints, mufflers, and oil changes to name a few. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment. Check out our coupons and rebates to help save money! We take all major credit cards and have special financing for larger projects.

We have served Illinois and Wisconsin since 1971 with 11 locations offering quality at reasonable prices. We are a locally owned and operated family business. Our experienced ASE auto mechanics provide foreign and domestic repairs and maintenance for both cars and light trucks and receive regular ongoing training. If you're an experienced auto mechanic we're looking for you.

We also offer maintenance services for farms and fleets in the area to provide the level you expect and more! Just give us a call for more information and fast appointments.

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