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Front End Alignment Loves Park IL

Looking for a Front-End Alignment in Loves Park IL.  Since 1971 drivers have trusted our ASE certified technicians.  F&F Tire World has been known for the best wheel alignments with our laser measuring equipment.  Our alignments will increase safety, efficiency, and economy.  We offer online written quotes even before you schedule the work with us.  Some use them as a second opinion.  You can also schedule your appointment online or call us.  Ask about coupons available.

Let us know if your car or truck seems to be pulling your steering wheel.  That is the first sign you need an alignment, and that pull can pull you out of your lane and into danger.  Left unaddressed it will reduce fuel efficiency and cause wear on your tires shortening their life.  All of that extra wear and tear will stress front end linkage as well as steering & suspension services.

Front End Alignment Symptoms

Pulling to left or right, crooked or noisy steering wheel and squealing tires are the symptoms most noticed by the driver.  The driver may notice uneven or rapid tire wear but the technician will notice that more often with regular maintenance.

Front End Alignment Cost

Our standard 2-wheel front end alignment cost $89.95. Our standard 4-wheel front end alignment cost $119.95. An RV front end alignment cost $129.95. A truck front end alignment varies depending on the size.  Please call for more information.  Purchasing a limited warranty that covers the work for a specified period of time or based on mileage limitations costs less than a lifetime warranty.

How Long Does A Front-End Alignment Take?

How long a front-end alignment takes depends on what has to be done. Most of the time we can stay on time and have you in and out in less than an hour.  It is suggested you plan on 1 hour not including the waiting time which will depend on the machine being tied up with prior jobs.  If there is any damage it will take longer to get the parts and install them then re-adjust the front end again.  To keep the wait time to a minimum we may need to remove a vehicle that needs repairs just to stay on time with other customers.
The check takes about 20 minutes.  Most of that time is just setting the vehicle up for proper measurements.  Adjustments will take more time depending on how many and what needs to be done.  If you notice symptoms such as the steering wheel pulling plan on at least 30 minutes and possibly longer.

Wheel Alignments in Loves Park IL with New Tires

We offer free alignments check with the purchase of 4 tires.  With what you’re spending on new tires, why wear them out quickly to save less than $100.00?  The extra time

Alignments as part of Maintenance

Proper wheel alignment is crucial to maintaining vehicle handling, tire contact and wear, and fuel efficiency.  Front end alignment should be checked along with brakes and tire wear and pressure with regular maintenance.  Even without the driver mentioning pulling, tire wear may provide evidence of an alignment problem.  The sloppy linkage may result from alignment problems.  While your technician is checking the tire pressure and brakes, have them check the tires, linkage for evidence of alignment problems.  Then don’t be surprised if they ask you about signs, such as pull or vibration and smells.

DIY Wheel Alignments

Can you do your wheel alignment?  Sure!  You can also do your dental work.  Is your families safety work less than $100.00?

We Perform 2 or 4 Wheel Alignments

Most vehicles need two-wheel alignments, but four-wheel-drive vehicles need four-wheel alignments.  We perform both 2 and four-wheel alignments.  Call us or schedule 24/7 online.

F and F Tire World

While F&F Tire World & Auto Service specialize in tires for cars and light trucks we provide a full range of maintenance and auto repair including alignments, alternator repairs, brake repairs, cv joints, mufflers, and oil changes to name a few. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment. Check out our coupons and rebates to help save money! We take all major credit cards and have special financing for larger projects.

We have served Illinois and Wisconsin since 1971 with 11 locations offering quality at reasonable prices. We are a locally owned and operated family business. Our experienced ASE auto mechanics provide foreign and domestic repairs and maintenance for both cars and light trucks and receive regular ongoing training. If you're an experienced auto mechanic we're looking for you.

We also offer maintenance services for farms and fleets in the area to provide the level you expect and more! Just give us a call for more information and fast appointments.

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