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Free - 2-Minute Wheel Alignment Check with Tire Purchase

Our Cherry Valley store now offers a free 2-minute wheel alignment check with the purchase of new tires. Just call us at (815) 566-4211.

F&F Tire world has purchased the latest John Beam wheel alignment system to better serve you. The Jim Beam V 3400 allows the technician to perform a wheel alignment faster and more accurately. The new wheel clamps no longer touch the rims preventing any possibility of rim damage. Because of the improvement in the John Beam equipment, F&F Tire World is able to offer free tire alignments with the purchase of tires.

Just call us at (815) 566-4211.

While the tire alignment check is important the real payoff is in the actual adjustment itself. Yes rather than keeping you sitting in the lobby for an hour while the actual alignment is performed that is now cut down to 20 minutes. The accuracy is part of what speeds it up but also provides you a more accurate alignment to help make your tires last longer.

Again, Just give us a call at (815) 566-4211.