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Auto Maintenance Tips

A well maintained vehicle speaks volumes about you as an owner. More importantly, it will not desert you when you need it most. Read on for tips on specifics.


Engine Oil: To prevent engine deterioration, it is imperative that the engine maintains the amount of oil it is programmed to receive. Negligence in this aspect will lead to a deteriorating engine performance, resulting in falling mileage. Check the oil after every fill up. Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean. Insert it fully and remove it again. If it is low, add oil. To maintain peak performance, the oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. Replace the oil filter with every oil change.

Lights: It is important for the lights to be properly focused, for your own and for the oncoming vehicle’s safety. Travel on low beam so that it does not obstruct your view instead of helping you along. Also, check often to make sure all your lights are working properly. If they are not, this can become a hazard and is unsafe for you, as well as other drivers.

Tire Pressure: The required amount of air pressure needs to be strictly maintained if your car is to get the right mileage and pick-up. Air pressure is clearly listed on the outside of your tire, and can be tested with an air pressure gauge, which can be picked up at any gas or service station.


Power Steering System Service

Clean and Protect your Entire Power Steering System

Maintenance Tips Bad vs. Good power steering fluid

What We Do:

Drain the old fluid using Power Steering Flush Equipment

Flush the entire system using professional series flush

Add new power steering fluid

What it does for your vehicle:

Removes sludge and contaminates from the power steering system including the pump and the steering gear / rack and pinion

Helps to prevent leaks and noises

Helps to prevent against corrosion, wear and mechanical break down

Optimizes cold weather performance

Provides optimal steering efficiency and helps extend the life of your power steering system

Recommended every 50,000 miles


Fuel System Service
Clean and protect your entire fuel system

Maintenance Tips

What we do:

We install our State of the Art-Fuel Cleaning System and use a professional grade cleaning product

Clean deposits from fuel injectors

Remove build up from the intake valves

Clean combustion chamber deposits

Remove deposits from the entire air intake system

Dissolves harmful throttle body deposits

What it does for your car:

Increases power and performance

Reduces knocking, hesitation and rough idle

Increases fuel economy

Decreases harmful emissions

Recommended every 36,000 miles


Automatic transmission service
Clean and protect your entire transmission
Maintenance Tips
Bad vs. Good transmission fluid
What we do:

We use our State of the Art High-Tech Flush Machine to thoroughly clean deposits from the entire transmission including the cooler, valve body, lines and torque convertor

Remove and replace virtually all of the transmission fluid

Add a transmission protector and conditioner to the fluid to help the operation of the transmission

What it does for your car:

Removes old, contaminated transmission fluid and replaces it with new fluid

Enhances the life of your transmission

Provides smoother shifting

Increases protection against wear and high temperature breakdown

This service can help enhance the life of your transmission and could save you from costly transmission repairs.
 Recommended every 50,000 miles


Clean and Protect Your Entire Cooling System

 Maintenance Tips

 What We Do:

Circulate a Professional Series Cleaner through the entire cooling system to remove deposits and build up.

Remove and replace the contaminated fluid from your cooling system and refill with the proper mixture of coolant

 What this does for your Vehicle:

Removes rust, scale and oily residue from your entire cooling system

Helps prevent engine boil over in the summer

Helps prevent engine freeze up in the winter

Protects against rust and corrosion- enhancing the life of your cooling system

Helps prevent water pump damage and minor leaks from developing

Helps to Prevent Cooling System Failure-The #1 Cause of Roadside Breakdown
Recommended every 5 years or 100,000 miles


Brake System Service
Stay Safe and Keep Your Brake System Performing Properly

Maintenance Tips

Good vs. Bad brake fluid

What We Do:

Flush the Old Contaminated Brake Fluid from your Master Cylinder, Brake Lines  and all 4 Calipers/wheel cylinders of your vehicle

Install New Brake Fluid and remove any air from the Brake System

What this does for your Vehicle:

Removes contaminates and moisture from your brake system that can cause brake failure

Brakes feel and operate better, extends the life of brake components

This Service Removes old, Contaminated Brake Fluid from your Brake System to help keep your Brakes Functioning Properly and avoiding Costly Repairs
Recommended every 50,000 miles or when brakes are done


Battery Service
Anti Corrosion Protection

Maintenance Tips

What We Do:

Disconnect battery cables and thoroughly clean the battery posts of any signs of corrosion

Apply protector pads impregnated with a anti corrosion formula to each battery post

Re attach battery cables over protector pads to secure it

What this does for your Vehicle:

Instantly neutralizes and eliminates corrosive deposits

Helps extend battery life

Provides increased cranking efficiency

Stops battery corrosion

Recommended as needed or on battery replacement


Full Synthetic Differential & Transfer Case Service
Clean and Protect Your Entire Driveline

Maintenance Tips

What We Do:

Remove old gear oil

Clean differential or transfer cases

Refill with a full synthetic formulation

Additional limited slip additive is available for enhanced differential performance

What this does for your Vehicle:

Helps to prolong the life of your gearbox and/or transfer case

Removes deposits, contaminants, and old differential fluid from the gearbox and/or transfer case

Recommended every 50,000 miles