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Your muffler may wear out, but your warranty won’t!

Don’t be left Stranded by your exhaust.

Today’s Exhaust systems are better than ever.  They provide better Fuel efficiency, Safety, Pollution and Noise Control.

However, your Muffler, Exhaust Pipe and Catalytic Converters are still vulnerable to corrosion and damage. After all, they’re under your car.

F & F Tire World and Service Centers will perform a FREE Exhaust System and Muffler Check Please ask us the next time your vehicle is in our shop.

The Benefits of a properly working exhaust

  • You save money on gas. The correct Exhaust back pressure helps the engine to perform at the maximum efficiency.
  • Higher engine operating temperatures and catalytic converters help burn fuel more efficiently, making us all breathe easier. Harmful gases and compounds are burned in the exhaust system and catalytic converter before they are released into the atmosphere. This helps reduce the pollutants that can cause smog.

Inspection and Repair of today’s Exhaust Systems is more Important than ever. Do not Wait!!

If your car begins to growl, your engine chokes, Looses power or you suspect an exhaust system leak, Bring your vehicle in to any F & F Tire World and Service Centers to have our ASE certified Technicians diagnose the cause of your concerns.

Our mufflers come with a LIFETIME warranty.

Schedule an appointment today or stop by for a checkup of your exhaust system.

F & F Tire World and Service Centers Proudly Installs…

Walker Exhaust Systems

A Trusted Source of

Superior Exhaust and Emission Control Solutions

For Today’s Vehicles.

Walker Exhaust Systems

Walker’s OE expertise enables them to manufacture the highest quality aftermarket exhaust systems.

Walker exhaust products offers world-class, engine-to-tailpipe exhaust solutions for domestic and import vehicles.

Walker Exhaust Products

Mufflers and Muffler Assemblies

Walker offers a complete muffler line-up – premium, standard and economy lines – to meet all customer needs!

Designed using OE-style cross sections for precision fit and OE-style sound.

Guaranteed to Last for Life!

Walker® Quiet-Flowss

Runs Quieter. Lasts Longer.

Precision Fit. OE-Style Sound.

Built to last with the power of stainless steel.

Walker® SoundFX®

Quality Materials and Construction.

Engineered to ensure favorable
sound quality.

Walker® Quiet-FlowssMufflers and Muffler Assemblies

Walker Exhaust Products

Walker® Resonator Welded Assemblies

Walker wrote the book on emission control,

  1. Meticulous pipe routing for fast, easy installation.
  2. All-aluminized construction for longer life, quality appearance and favorable acoustics.
  3. Thicker, OE-quality brackets and flanges.

Walker resonator welded assemblies combine sophisticated pipe routing and tuning technologies to ensure exceptional flow characteristics and OE-style sound.

OE-style resonator welded assemblies that fit, perform and sound like the original system

Engineered to ensure longer life, quality appearance and favorable acoustics.

Walker Exhaust Products

Walker® Ultra® Catalytic Converter

Universal and Direct-Fit for OBDII vehicles (1996 and newer).

EHANCED Solution for Problematic Vehicles!

Walker exhaust products fit like OE, because we make OE. Ultra Converters are specifically designed for the same Walker OE-style fit and construction.

Walker Exhaust Products

Pipes & Accessories

We have everything from brackets and clamps to connectors and specialty pipes – all the accessories you need to do the complete exhaust job. Walker is your one-stop exhaust shop offering a full line of pipes and accessories.

Walker Exhaust Products


The high-performance division of the world’s leading exhaust manufacturer, DynoMax offers the aftermarket industry’s widest selection of performance exhaust products.

DynoMax offers the aftermarket industry’s most complete line of performance mufflers for cars and trucks. Whether driving on the street, highway, off-road or at the track, DynoMax has the muffler you need.

  • DynoMax® Ultra Flo™ SS Performance Mufflers
  • DynoMax® Ultra Flo™ Welded Performance Mufflers
  • DynoMax® Super Turbo™ Performance Mufflers
  • DynoMax® Passenger Car Performance Exhaust Systems
  • DynoMax® Truck Performance Exhaust Systems
  • DynoMax® BlackJack®/Cyclone® Performance Headers
  • DynoMax® Race Series Performance Mufflers