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We offer a starter checks in just minutes. Call today to see if an appointment is needed.

F&F Tire World has been serving Wisconsin & Illinois with 12 locations since 1971. That's over 40 years! We have shops in: Beloit WI, Belvidere IL, Brookfield WI, Cherry Valley IL, Delavan WI, Franklin WI, Janesville WI, Loves Park IL, Milwaukee WI, Rockford IL, & Roscoe IL. Our ASE certified mechanics can quickly replace your cars starters to provide you the peace of mind you need. They service cars, light trucks, SUV’s & vans. Call us now at (888) 206-1881 for the earliest appointment.

The starter is an electrical motor with a centrifugal engaged gear that turns the flywheel when the starter has electricity applied to it initiating the engines operation.  After the battery the starter is the most important item in actually starting the car yet knowing when it is going bad is one of the harder ideas to understand. Either it starts the car or it doesn't. Even if it doesn't work it can be interpreted as something else - say the battery.  That is why it is so important to have regular maintenance and tested to keep you from having to hire that wrecker.  Checking the electrical system, which includes the starter, is part of the regular maintenance F&F Tire World offers.  Ask about our maintenance plan which will help you minimize unexpected repairs and help provide the peace of mind that most people want.