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What is Wheel Alignment?

Alignment refers to the position of the wheels of the vehicle relative to each other and the ground. Why is proper wheel alignment so important?  In the long run, it will prolong the life of your car, and save you money. Here’s why…

Good wheel alignment results in better fuel mileage. It extends tire life, on rear tires as well as front tires. In fact, the most common cause of unusual tire wear is improper alignment.

A periodic alignment means less strain on steering and suspension parts, increased directional stability, and easier steering. You’ll get a better, more comfortable ride. Perhaps most important of all, you’ll ensure safe driving.

How often should you have your car aligned? Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation noted in your owner’s manual. As a general rule, have your alignment checked every 10,000 miles or once a year.
There are several adjustable angles that affect wheel alignment; camber, caster and toe.