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What Is Suspension?

Your suspension keeps the body of your vehicle from absorbing every jounce in the road, and enables the driver to handle the vehicle comfortably and securely.

Shocks control the springing motion of your vehicle, keeping your tires on the road surface. Good shocks also mean comfort-your vehicle doesn’t dive when you stop or float on tight turns.

Struts are like a regular shock absorber and spring combined. Struts both control springing motion and support the weight of your vehicle. They’re commonly used in compact vehicles.

Springs work with shocks and struts to stabilize loads for better ride and comfort, improve handling during braking and cornering, help prevent fishtailing and help maintain proper wheel alignment.

C.V. Joints turn and drive your vehicle by transmitting power from the engine to the wheels. C.V. joints also maintain constant velocity or speed while allowing your wheels to turn and suspension to travel.